Friday, June 18, 2010

Get Off The Phone!!!

June 18, 2010

West Berlin, NJ

To whom it may concern:

If you're in line at the grocery store, and there are other people within earshot, get off the phone. We don't need to hear which of your friends is sleeping with her brother-in-law, or what you're going to do to your husband if you catch him with another woman again. I'm quite sure the cashier doesn't care, either. You wouldn't like it if I were trying to conduct business with you while at the same time yakking away to someone else on my cell phone. So get off the phone, or get out of line. Either way, show some respect for others.

If you're driving down the road, one hand on the wheel and the other glued to your ear, holding a cell phone, end the call. I'm driving behind you, or worse, in the lane next to you, and you're speeding up, and slowing down, and speeding up...then you're drifting into oncoming traffic and into my lane, nearly hitting other vehicles in the process. There is nothing so god damned important about your stupid phone call that you need to put others' lives at risk. Just hang up, pull over, and call the person back. Is it really that hard? Use your head. Seriously.

Thank you for you anticipated cooperation concerning this matter.


The General Public

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